Fliprule 1.3 Update

I made a big feature update for my puzzle game Fliprule.

  • Daily Challenge – time locked puzzles on a 24h timer
  • New difficulty – a sixth difficulty (Grandmaster) level was added while the old Grandmaster level was renamed to Master
  • New theme – updated visual look including tinted glass level icons
  • System back button is now captured to exit out of inner contexts
  • Plus many other smaller interface improvements

Fliprule is free to play on the Google Play store here

My puzzle game

A novel puzzle game

I’m making a puzzle game. Fliprule is an original concept puzzle game in which you connect pieces of matching colors in order to fill the game board.

The original prototype was made in Unity, but the mobile and web versions ended up too bloated and sluggish for my tastes, so I reimplemented the whole thing using Java/LibGDX. The game is currently in closed beta and will be released for Android within a few weeks.


Remove transient details from image sequence

Vanish is an image processing tool that takes an image sequence and removes any transient details from it, producing a single image of the stable background.

Input sequence

Reconstructed background

The processing works on a pixel-by-pixel basis by classifying pixels in each input color channel into buckets, and then finding the mode–the biggest bucket–for each pixel. The final image is then reconstructed from the original pixel values, using the mode bucket to either accept or reject any given frame.

Bucketing is used because small movements, lighting variations and sensor noise cause minor variations in intensity at any given pixel even in stationary features. In places where pixel intensities cluster around a bucket boundary, there is an issue with the entries potentially being split across two buckets. Adding an extra set of buckets, offset by half the bucket size, takes care of this splitting problem.

Vanish is available on GitHub at: https://github.com/covexp/vanish