Cloud Chamber

CUDA-based raymarching renderer for clouds and volumetric effects

I’ve been working on a simple volumetric raymarching renderer based on cudaNoise.

It’s currently limited in features but produces acceptable output in a decent time, thanks to GPU acceleration. The lighting model currently only supports omnidirectional point lights, but I’m also experimenting with adding environmental lighting.

Perlin fBm volume rendered with Cloud Chamber


Procedural 3D noise functions for CUDA kernels

Started a new open source project providing 3D noise functions to be run in CUDA kernels. It is still in very early development but I will hopefully be adding a good selection of basis functions and methods to combine them into more interesting patterns.

The code is up on Github under the MIT license:


GPU accelerated terrain creation and processing

Coming up on the first public release of my GPU-accelerated terrain creation and erosion toolkit, flo.

flo can be used to generate realistic terrains and then output 32-bit image files for heightmaps, solar irradiance, soil quantity, hydration, vegetation and more. These maps are then usable in 3D rendering applications or realtime engines.